Thursday, July 1, 2010

re-cap of China

Well after being back home from China almost a week now, I have to say I LOVE my bed! Oh and the English language :)   My opportunity and experience in China was just amazing! I can remember history class in the 3rd great learning about "The Great Wall of China" and while watching tv seeing the "Terro-Cotta Warriors" never ever did I imagine I would have the opportunity to see those in real life. The site seeing and history of their country is pretty cool! And I am happy to say i've seen it all!!

So as most of you know the majority of this trip was intended for some independant studies. So while there I was able to experience China agriculture and business. The agriculture was run very differently than here in the US, this made it hard to compare in most situations. The business is also pretty different, So I found that I had to think differently while there. The small shops out of peoples tiny homes is just like any family owned business here, the people there just dont have the opportunity to expand like we do. Or when in markets you see that everyone has the same products, who do you chose to buy from? well thats where marketing comes into play! whoever can "talk up" their product best ultimately wins and makes the sale. The thing I admired alot was, at the end of the day every single park is filled with families and friends playing or couples exercising. They are able to put down everything to spend time with each other! At the end of my trip I realized although we do many things differently its all still business! Sometimes we get so busy with our rushed lives, we just need to sit back and think about the best way to do our best in any situation. And most importantly, the relationships you make with other people are what will give you a good reputation in your business and have people wanting to do business with you.

I think that over all just experiencing a different culture has taught me alot!! Not only in the agricultural or business feild but in life as well. And life lessons are good in any situation. As I mentioned earlier on about my tea ceremony experience, although I went to learn one thing, other learning experiences surprised me :) This trip alone has given me ideas and ambition!

There were so many wonderful people who supported and helped me along the way. My Dad and Mom are always there with support and encouragement, and even there with extra when I need it! All my friends and family of course, and everyone that was excited to follow my blog just made it a little more exciting :) So many people from NMSU were there with support and helped so much getting my trip set up! Rich Phillips, Dr. Gary Lowe, and Albina Armijo all with Aggies Go Global, and Dr. Ken Hammond with the Confucius Institute. One person did SO much for me I could never thank her enough, Jane!! Jane lives in Beijing and always has. She was my main contact when setting this trip up. Jane didnt only plan a few things for me, but she took me to it all and made it all so much fun! I can truly say I made a new friend and I hope she comes to visit me soon!! I met many people In China, some just on the streets and some (like Lisa mentioned earlier)  were contacts from family or friends here in the U.S. I really appreciate you all!!!

So there it is, my Super Amazing Wonderful and a little bit Crazy Experience in CHINA!!!

Erica Sichler :)

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