Sunday, June 20, 2010

From Beijing to Xi'an

Friday afternoon Myself and Jane visited the Agricultural University in Beijing. I got a tour of the whole place, checked out their wine testing facilities, and visited with the Dean of the College. The Dean was very interested in telling me anything I would like to know. He taught me some different ways they plant in China, like inter croppng and double cropping. He also told me about how they irrigate and where they get their water supply. At the end of the tour I was lucky enough to get a bottle of their Agricultural University Beijing wine :)
Friday evening I took an over night train to Xi'an. Once in Xi'an I walked around the down town area. I visited the Bell and Drum towers and the City wall, which surrounds the old city. Today I booked a tour to visit a few places. My tour was very enjoyable, and everyone on the tour was very nice (it was nice to speak english and understand a few people all day too) We first stopped at the Wild Goose Pagoda, then a Jade factory, and on to the Terra-Cotta Warrior Factory, then to see all the Terra-Cotta Warriors and Museum. Everything I saw today was very interesting and taking the tour was very beneficial, I learned way more than if I had went on my own.

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  1. Erica, you have given us a great picture of what you are experiencing in China. Good Job.