Monday, June 14, 2010

China Markets

Since I have been in China I have experienced both traditional and modern living. Yesterday I visited a morning market. A morning market is the same as a farmers market, locals purchase most of their produce at these markets. Today I visited a wholesale market, this is where local restaurant owners purchase large amounts of their produce for cooking. Also sellers at the morning markets purchase produce from the wholesale markets to resale. I had originally assumed the morning markets would be farmers selling their own products (like farmers markets in America) but out of probably 50 vendors only 3 had actually grown their products. The produce at these markets were very fresh, I think locals in China are very lucky to have this availibility. In America many people take advantage of the ease of buying pre-made foods, and lose out on the quality of fresh produce. In China everything is so close so everyone walks everywhere. I would love to be able to walk 5 minutes to a fresh farmers market every day, but of course I wouldnt like to give up other amentities they dont have here. :)
Another very exciting experience happened today! Throughout the past few years I have had many small business ideas I would possibly like to open some day. One idea was to open a "Personal Tea Party" business. Well while in a huge tea market today, I was able to experience the traditional Chinese tea ceremony (for the 2nd time since i've been here) while sampleing many different qualities of tea, I began to plan more on my tea party business in my head. The idea of offering a traditional Chinese tea ceremony was very exciting to me, Plus I already have contacts for supplies here in China!! Although I came to learn about agricultural, I think I may have learned something else just as exciting!!

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